Ketologie Keto Shake

Sometimes you just don't have the time to make a healthy meal. This delicious chocolate shake (the vanilla is good too) fits the bill for a quick protein shake. It's quick, clean and full of grass fed collagen!

Keto Mojo Testing Kit

The best way to find out if you are in ketosis and monitor your progress is by using a blood ketone test. The Keto Mojo is a reliable and easy to use way to test your blood. Pricking your finger may seem scary, but it REALLY doesn't hurt if you stick on the side of your finger. Urine ketone testers only work for a short time. Blood ketone tests are the best way to monitor your ketones. Buy HERE!

Real Good Foods

Enjoy delicious food you’ll feel good about eating; high in protein, low in carbs and always made from REAL, clean ingredients. No added sugar! My favorites are Chicken Enchiladas, Pizza, Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken and Breakfast Sandwiches. Get yours HERE!

Dry Farm Wines

VIRTUALLY SUGAR FREE AND LOW IN SULFATES. Just because you are Keto or Paleo, doesn't mean you can't enjoy wine once again. Get an extra bottle for a penny with this link. Buy HERE!