About Me

- Meet Dana -

Hi, I'm Dana. Welcome to Smart Way Keto!

I've probably tried every diet under the sun. Consequently my weight has bounced all over the scale. Why? Because none of the diets were sustainable. Who wants to eat white fish every night for the rest of their lives? Not me. I always went back to my carb-heavy way of eating. My biggest problem was sugar. It was such a big craving that I became a baker. If you look back deep in my Instagram you will see all the yummy cookies and cakes that I would bake for clients. It was my creative outlet…but it was really a way to eat sugar everyday (I HAD to taste test everything, right?) I haven't deleted the photos because it reminds me of my evolution from a glucose burner to a ketone burner. And it proves to my new Smart Way Keto clients that if I can do it, you can too!

Why is this the Smart Way to do keto? Well, there is a lot of confusing and conflicting advice out there. I started out following all the people I could find on social media. So many people found themselves frustrated with not reaching their goals and disappointing stalls. I then started only following people that had sensible guidelines backed up with science. The opportunity arose recently to be come a Certified Keto Coach, and I jumped at the chance to show others the smart way to do Keto. Let me show you! Click here and let me know which program you would like.

Not wanting to commit to Keto but still need motivation and support with your weightloss journey? I will be that person for you!

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