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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Hello world! This is my very first EVER blog. I thought you should get to know me a little.

My name is Dana. I am a middle-aged (at the top of the proverbial hill, actually) wife, mother and now certified Keto Coach.  I hate the thought of being over the hill, so I will settle for middle-aged. That implies that there are many good years ahead of me….at least that is my hope.

I spent many years gaining and losing and gaining and losing weight. In 2014 I decided enough was enough. I threw caution to the wind and joined a Crossfit gym and signed up for their weight loss challenge. I didn’t tell my husband until a couple of days before it started because I thought I literally might die. I had never seriously done any exercise in my life.  The challenge came with a paleo-ish diet to follow. And although some days I FELT like I might die, I didn’t. In fact, I grew to love that gym and my new “fit-fam”. Shortly after the challenge ended, my husband and I moved to the Dallas area. In my failed search for a new gym home (and my return to my normal eating), I gained a few of the pounds that I had previously shed. After a year, I temporarily moved back to our old home town so that I could do yet another weight loss with my old gym. After another successful challenge ended, I was determined to continue to my goal weight. I still hadn’t found a gym that felt like home yet, but I figured I could meet my goal weight though diet. But what to choose? Paleo? Whole 30? Weight Watchers? Keto?

I chose Keto and jumped in with both feet. I started before I had fully researched, but a friend encouraged me to start right away instead of trying to understand it fully before starting. The first 6 months, I listened to all the podcasts and books that I could get my hands on. In the subsequent months, I whittled down who I followed to only those that did Keto in a healthy way and/or who backed up their claims through science.

I quickly achieved my goal weight and have remained around it since then. I affirmed that most of weight loss success is achieved in the kitchen rather than the gym. However, a year and a half into my Keto journey, I know that I need to start reshaping my body. I need some muscle. So currently, I am restarting my search for a new home gym. Wish me luck.

The opportunity arose to take a accredited certification course to become a Keto Coach. I soaked up the knowledge, passed the tests, and am ready to pass on my knowledge and guidance to you. I believe that this is a delicious, sustainable, healthy way of living. I think you will too, if you give it a try.

If you would like someone to guide you through the Keto process, I am your girl. Take a look at my programs on the website and see what choices suit your needs. Or just contact me and we can talk through your options. There are so many ways of doing the Keto diet. There is so much confusion with conflicting opinions and advice. Make it easy on yourself, and do Keto the Smart Way with me.

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About SWK

Hello world! This is my very first EVER blog. I thought you should get to know me a little.